Vaginal DrynessVaginal Dryness or Atrophy is usually associated with painful intercourse and not surprisingly waning libido or sexual desire.

Not brilliant.

Ignore it at your peril! Vaginal Atrophy, its clinical name, will cause you unnecessary distress. As women age, all areas of the vagina will dry out (atrophy) which makes sex excruciatingly painful and can cause bleeding. You may find your libido also disappears. This has the combined effect of not only causing problems in the bedroom but also your own confidence levels will be affected, if they haven’t already. What can you do about this? Doing nothing is not an option!

Helping Vaginal Dryness 

  • If you and your partner are still talking to each other… increase the length of time you spend in arousal before intercourse. This can naturally increase vaginal lubrication. This didn’t work for me – there was nothing to be aroused as far as I was concerned.
  • Topical gels, etc., are available from major pharmacies and supermarkets. Do read the label and make sure it’s recommended for vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy otherwise you’re wasting your money and emotion.
  • I recommend a couple of products: the first is and the second is, natural lubricants available over the counter specifically made for vaginal dryness. I also find they both work for Thrush and general vaginal itching as the gel can be applied internally or externally.
  • Vagifem is available on prescription and is a small tablet that contains a minute amount of oestrogen. It’s non-systemic, meaning it’s affecting the immediate area and not going into your general system. It’s applied internally, reinvigorates the moisture and improves muscle tone. Must be used weekly/fortnightly. It’s magic!
  • HRT can help but the usual prescription of oestrogen(estrogen) and progesterone on their own don’t do very much for the vaginal area, in my opinion but add some testosterone to the mix and Oh, boy, does that make a difference! I thought my libido had secured its place in history, never to be seen again and I was resigned to putting up with things the way they were. I had been using Vagifem and one of the other gel lubricants but take my advice, if you forget to use it , you’re back to square one and the pain…, lie back and think of England? It’s just too painful to bear! UNTIL… I went back on HRT and had some testosterone thrown in. Thank you, doctor! Changed my life!

Quality of Life – isn’t that what it’s all about? Don’t suffer in silence!