Spirituality, COVID19 and menopause.

COVID19 has turned us all upside-down but we can find a way through – and spirituality may help. Kathryn Colas tells us how she found it and the difference it’s made to her during menopause and beyond.

As you know, going through menopause can be a very difficult time, especially when you don’t know what day it is. I gravitated towards spiritual things, to find peace and even to try and find myself. I fancied going off on a retreat to India but I just couldn’t commit.

I did, however, commit to creating my archetypal wheel and I did this with the help of a wonderful book written by Caroline Myss, called Sacred Contracts – awakening your divine potential.

She believes that each of us is guided by a ‘Sacred Contract’ that our soul made before we were born.  That ‘Contract’ contains a wide range of agreements regarding all that we are intended to learn in this life.  I learned all about the eight chakras and how to identify my archetypes. I devoured the book and all the instructions which led me to create my own archetypal wheel.

From this process, I came to discover not only who I am but what my purpose in life is.  Maybe it will work for you too – you might have more time to delve into this sort of thing now.

To give you some idea, it turns out that I am a Scribe, an Advocate, a Warrior, a Seeker and a Pioneer, among other aspects and this imbued in me the realisation that I am now doing what I believe I was put on this earth to do and that statement in itself is very profound, but I sincerely believe in the discovery I made as a result of completing the Sacred Contracts process.

I cover this item in more detail in my newly published book: How to Survive Menopause without Losing your Mind, where you’ll find not only detailed information about my own Sacred Contract but also my autobiography.

In effect, it’s a ‘menopause manual’ where no stone has been left unturned and I’m already receiving great feedback.  Do let me know yours!