Why CPD?

People often see CPD (Continued Professional Development) Accreditation as a box-ticking exercise and roll their eyes and sigh deeply to any new training!
Our courses are exceptional – they are lively, valuable, practical and tailored, with positive, measurable results.
SimplyHormones are market leaders in delivering information, advice and training to cover every aspect of menopause for both key personnel and individual women.
Training is only valuable when it can be applied in practice which is why we ensure our courses are completely tailored to an individual’s role (or group of individuals).


  • Ensures consistent and high standards across the company – raising credibility
  • Promotes greater engagement from the workforce
  • Promotes greater commitment to job roles
  • Allows for sharing, best practice and support
  • Maximises staff potential
  • Improves staff morale
  • Provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals


  • Keeps knowledge and skills up-to-date
  • Ensures a professional standard of qualifications and registrations are maintained
  • Contributes to a professional sense of direction
  • Helps build confidence and credibility
  • Helps with ability to showcase achievements
  • Equips staff with tools to cope positively with change
  • Is recognised as beneficial for career progression and advancement
  • Demonstrates learning agility
  1. REDUCE absenteeism

  2. IMPROVE productivity

  3. INCREASE staff retention 

Three clear areas where Return On Investment can be measured.

Courses are lively, valuable, practical and tailored; with positive, measurable results.

The SimplyHormones Promise: 

  • To promote a passion that will enable you to support your staff

  • To deliver the best information for the best outcome that will impact and benefit individuals, colleagues, employers, clients and patients

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SimplyHormones are market leaders in delivering menopause support.