CPD accredited

What is CPD and why should you add menopause training to your skills?

CPD – or Continuing Professional Development, is, at its heart, learning. It’s developing your knowledge in an area that will enhance your skills in some way.

Here at SimplyHormones, we only offer training that is proactive and useful – you’ll never find us in a room of people just ticking a box on the next appraisal sheet.

You’ll find us working with real life scenarios, offering tailored training to each workplace we are invited into.

Before we involve you in our training, you will already have been briefed on why we are there, what needs to be achieved and why.
We could be working with:

  • HR – to better inform how they provide support to menopausal staff as well as influencers in other departments also involved
  • Managers – providing them with the skills to better support their staff
  • Teams – to raise awareness and provide the skills to support menopausal colleagues
  • Women – direct and individual support for women who are struggling with menopause, enabling them to manage their symptoms, improve their quality of life and allow them to continue working effectively

This is not about filling in worksheets and paper-based tasks. This is about providing solutions for real life scenarios – the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.

Whatever training you undertake with us, you will come out of it fully understanding what happens at menopause, when it happens, the reactions, the consequences, feelings, emotions, the support needed, solution ideas, best practice, follow-up and recap – the full spectrum.

Everyone who undergoes our training will learn something new

If you aren’t menopausal, you will find out what it’s like to be working whilst it’s going on and the challenges it presents and then you will learn how it can be managed at work, what support is required and how women can be helped to carry on working through it.

These are essential vocational skills for today’s workplace, especially given the higher age range of women within it. The bottom line is, that we are all working for longer, so the chances of starting your menopause during your working life are higher.

Our training gives everyone involved, the skills to understand, take action and manage.

A menopause-ready workforce

Managers will be better-equipped and skilled in an area where training is often lacking, whilst colleagues will feel supported knowing their workplace invests in an area that many others don’t.

This should reduce the need to keep a major part of life a secret, knowing that managers and colleagues have the awareness needed to be supportive.

CPD for

  • Ensures consistent and high standards across the company – raising credibility
  • Promotes greater engagement from the workforce
  • Promotes greater commitment to job roles
  • Places value on staff wellbeing
  • Allows for sharing, best practice and support
  • Maximises staff potential
  • Improves staff morale
  • Provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals
  • Shows investment in staff

REDUCE absenteeism

IMPROVE productivity

INCREASE staff retention

CPD for

  • Keeps knowledge and skills updated
  • Develops a breadth of knowledge beyond the job description
  • Ensures a professional standard of qualifications and registrations are maintained
  • Contributes to a professional sense of direction
  • Helps build confidence and credibility
  • Helps with ability to showcase achievements
  • Equips staff with tools to cope positively with change
  • Is recognised as beneficial for career progression and advancement
  • Demonstrates learning agility

The SimplyHormones promise: 

To deliver the best information for the desired outcome that will impact and benefit individuals, colleagues, employers, clients and patients.

Talk to us about the training options available, your particular needs, as an individual or a company to ensure it’s the right fit.  

Get in touch to find out more or book your training.