Kathryn Colas is available for media interview, comment or information to help journalists present stories and research them.

Reporting menopause accurately is important and Kathryn welcomes questions from journalists; simple and basic queries to more in-depth research topics.

If you’re writing about menopause but are not of menopause age, Kathryn is especially keen to speak with you to help you to understand it better.

Kathryn’s media involvement includes television, radio, print media and online news – many of which have required tight deadlines or instant information; both of which she can usually provide.

Kathryn is also invited to speak at events on menopause and welcomes discussions about presenting a topic of her choice, or working within your own event theme, to produce relevant content.

Guest writing and blogging can also be undertaken – to add an expert to your publication or news piece.

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Our founder Kathryn Colas has been invited to speak on television many times. Her frank openness and clarity make her a popular choice of interviewee.
Contact us to book Kathryn or to ask questions for your research for a menopause news story.

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We’ve been in the press many times, sharing the launch of our services and giving help and advice to publications with relevant readership.
We’re always happy to be asked to contribute to media stories for comment or information – please just ask.

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Kathryn has also been featured in online news stories- read some here.


Take a look at our podcasts – there’s something for everyone. You’ll find interviews with medical professionals discussing their views on various aspects of menopause from mental health issues to sexual health to breast cancer, plus some heart-rending personal stories from individual women.

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