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Kathryn Colas
Kathryn ColasFounder of SimplyHormones

SimplyHormones began in 2007 when Kathryn was still going through her ten years of hell.

She was one of millions of women who arrived at menopause and couldn’t cope with work or life in general.

She was working in the family hotel business but quit, whilst also struggling to be the mother she wanted to be. She was erratic, feeling depressed and had become so emotional, her marriage almost ended in divorce. But she didn’t have a clue. It was all down to menopause – and she’s not alone.

In a bid to save others from a similar fate, Kathryn founded SimplyHormones, offering face-to-face and online workplace training and one-to-one consultation to help women ‘survive’ both in and outside of work and offer support to managers to better understand this seismic change of life for their staff.

In 2020, the business evolved to give special focus on menopause in the workplace and now resides here: https://kathryncolasacacemy.com where you will find the right kind of menopause support and training for every workplace.

Part of the mission is to have menopause treated the same as sickness and pregnancy – because it really can be so debilitating, but because it’s not ‘on the radar’ women often suffer in silence, go off sick or leave their jobs.

Kathryn said: “There’s a lot of information and advice out there, but you have to hunt around to find it. I learnt through trial and error how to cope with menopause and know now that my experience was not unique. I wanted to share all of this knowledge to give others out there, who are hunting the internet for how to get through the next night of sweats or a day in the office with hot flushes, a fighting chance.”

Kathryn is well-respected in her field and is called upon for expert opinion, media interviews and public speaking. She’s recognised for her work with NGOs, public and private sector organisations where she advises on how to show that by taking simple steps, a greater understanding ensues. This empowers women, line manager and, CEO’s with better information while influencing policy and practices in the workplace.

She’s the first lay person to be appointed to the medical advisory committee of the British Menopause Society.

In 2015, the Government’s official Business Champion for older workers Ros Altmann observed in her report ‘A New Vision for Older Workers’ that “currently, there is no training for line managers to deal with this issue [of the menopause]”. Kathryn responded by developing the first work-based programme for key personnel delivered by qualified professionals.

Kathryn’s media appearances include the BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC Breakfast TV along with numerous national newspapers and magazines.

In 2020 she launched her first book ‘How to Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind’.

The Team

Kathryn Colas

Kathryn Colas is a hugely respected voice for women going through the menopause.

The Original Menpause Pioneer and Founder of probably the first women’s advice and support service SimplyHormones, she has become a sought-after media commentator and public speaker, recognised for her work with NGOs, public and private sector organisations in improving understanding of menopausal symptoms. Her aim is to empower women with better information and influence policy and practices to improve their daily lives.

The business evolved to meet demand from the business sector and you can find dedicated workplace information here: https://kathryncolasacademy.com

Meet our new Executive Menopause Coaches

Find ALL Workplace Training and our New Team at the Academy: https://kathryncolasacademy.com

Deb Gilby is now a Certified Executive Executive Menopause coach and you can find her at the Kathryn Colas Academy where here huge wealth of knowledge and experience, garnered from her 30-year career in learning, development and training across the private and public sectors is enhancing the menopause experience idn the workplace.

She spent over a year experiencing a dip in her personal motivation and ability to get things done, coupled with mood swings, from sadness to anger but without having linked any of these changes to menopause.

She described her menopauase learning as a ‘lightbulb moment’ and joined us to help others, to enhance workplace understanding, tolerance and kindness towards everyone that is experiencing it, or knows someone who is.

Her huge experience of design, delivery and successful outcomes makes us proud to have her on our team.