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Within weeks of launching the book ‘How to Survive Menopause Without Losing You Mind’ we were asked by so many people and businesses how they could make it easily available to their own clients.

And so we created our Associate Pathway.

Workplaces, advisors and wellbeing practitioners have a real opportunity to share this fantastic book – having support is crucial for most women going through menopause.

It affects all areas of life – work and home, but being given the right information at the right time, being ahead of the symptoms and the rollercoaster that menopause can sometimes be is key to coping, thriving and surviving.

You can buy a number of books from us that you can either include in your service offering to your clients or sell to them as one of your recommended resources.

The book retails for £15 but we would sell to our associates for £10 per book.

Become a menopause book partner

Associates we’d like to work with are:

  • Health charities, especially those involved in menopause support
  • Individuals or businesses involved in providing menopause support to women – let’s share our knowledge!
  • GP’s and their surgeries – many have shared brilliant feedback.
  • Employment Law specialists
  • Family Law specialists
  • Therapists, from physiotherapists to psychotherapists to aromatherapists and everything else in-between
  • Life coaches
  • HR companies/agencies (in-house / outsourced)
  • Health and Wellbeing providers (including trainers)
  • Health and safety providers
  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion providers and departments within larger organisations
  • Hairdressers
  • Schools, from head teachers to business managers to all the teaching staff, admin staff and ancillary services
  • Relationship counsellors – to help both partners to understand menopause. Men will learn from the book but also same-sex partners if one is going through it before the other.
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