1. Workplace training

Who it’s for: Colleagues, line managers, HR
Delivery: Face-to-face, E-learning (or a combination)

Our workplace training aims to educate and support everyone – the menopausal women, colleagues, line managers and HR staff too.

Menopause really is the elephant in the room, the thing we tip-toe around, and don’t want to mention in case we upset someone, but by facing it and addressing it, everyone involved is empowered; they have what they need to understand, empathise, cope and support.

People we’ve worked with have breathed a sigh of relief – because everyone knows what’s going on. What’s happening, why it’s happening, what to do, what to say and how to offer support.

Knowledge through training prepares and empowers everyone involved, providing confidence, respect and dignity in the workplace.

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Introduction to Menopause

Taster sessions, making sense of menopause in the workplace.

Delivered via fully interactive webinar or client-preferred online platform.


  • Understand the symptoms of menopause
  • Explore relationships with family and colleagues
  • Find solutions for coping at work and in life
  • Be informed and educated with solutions and a plan!

Line Managers and HR Professionals

  • An introduction to menopause and its effects
  • Challenges and consequences of symptoms
  • Tackling conflicts that arise as a result of menopause
  • Grievances and disciplinary procedures
  • Working relationships
  • How to manage the absenteeism processes
  • Returning to work
  • How to restore productivity
  • Feel confident in supporting menopausal staff and tackling conflicts that arise as a result of menopause

Occupational Health

  • A detailed and practical view that includes ‘The Big Picture’.
  • How to address grievances arising through menopause
  • Absenteeism and returning to work processes
  • Leave with practical solutions and confidence in their use.
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2. Coaching & Mentoring

Who it’s for: Individuals – men or women, line managers.
Delivery: Telephone, Skype, Zoom or other online service

Tell us what you’re going through, what you need help with and we’ll give you some instant help but also a plan to take forward too.

Sometimes, you just need to speak to someone, offload concerns and reach a workable solution.

Line managers, men and women – we can support you with home life and work life.

You can trust us with your innermost thoughts and challenges – whatever is on your mind, there is nothing you can’t say to us in a secure environment.

Together we will develop your Menopause Action Plan.

Helen Stockill, Menopause Ambassador is a trained Counsellor and a Master NLP Practitioner and will support you during your consultations.


A telephone conversation where we discuss where you are with your menopause

  • Symptoms
  • Homelife/relationships
  • Work life
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Understand menopause more
  • Identify what you can do to feel better, manage and cope


A supportive telephone conversation to discuss how menopause is impacting you
Let’s talk about YOU!

  • Homelife/relationships
  • Work life
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • How do you offer support?
  • Get coping mechanisms in place

Managers and Key Personnel

A telephone conversation to discuss menopause in your workplace and what you need help with

  • How to support menopausal staff
  • How to inform and educate your team or colleagues
  • The art of signposting (for in-house Health Champions)
  • How to manage the challenges that arise through menopause
  • What to say / what not to say
  • Help if you’re a male manager
  • Support if you’re a younger manager
  • You’ll have a better grasp on the issues and how to manage sympathetically whilst still being an effective line manager
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3. Online learning

Who it’s for: Individuals – men or women, workplace (staff, line managers, HR)
Delivery: Online, E-learning

How to Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind
Our flagship E-learning course was developed to bring menopause information all together in one place.

There are six modules to work through in your own time. Articles, podcasts, quizzes, downloads, a symptoms checker, personal action plan and menopause survival kit are all included.

A private login is provided for your own security.


The hunt is over…you can stop all of the late night scouring the internet and wondering what’s going on.
It’s all here for you.

  • Kathryn’s story
  • Symptoms
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Sexual health
  • HRT
  • Career
  • Survival Toolbox
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A great place to start understanding menopause, for personal relationships or in a workplace role:

  • What is menopause and how it will affect you
  • Her Symptoms
  • What to say/not to say/relate better to each other’s experiences
  • Learn how to offer more / better support


Probably the first online course of its kind especially designed for managers.

  • We start with a personal story
  • What’s menopause and the Symptoms
  • Why it’s different for everyone
  • How to provide effective support
  • How to create a working Action Plan with achievable, yet flexible, goals.
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4. The Book: How To Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind

Who it’s for: Everyone!
Delivery: A paperback book delivered to your home

This is the book that’s never been written – until now. All you need to know, chapter by chapter, drawing on Kathryn’s experiences, research and knowledge.

It’s a collection of anecdotes, research and personal recollections exploring Kathryn’s personal experience of ’10 years of menopause hell’ with special focus on HRT, mental health, The Men’s Room and so much more.

The book will guide and help you understand so much.

“It is a book that every women needs to read, every doctor needs to check out and men need to get a handle on it too. It has the potential of saving marriages, lives and sanity!”


Get under the skin of menopause, told by someone who’s been there and come out the other side as you will too!

Kathryn leaves no stone unturned to share with you all she went through and how she survived, to help you do the same.


A brilliant read to help you to understand menopause, for your own relationships or workplace role.

Chapter 10 is ‘The Men’s Room’ – all about how menopause affects the men.


The book can be ordered for workplace libraries, or as a learning resource. There are plenty of tips for staff to get started, today!

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5. HR support (collaborations – workshops, policy help etc)

Who it’s for: Human resources professionals
Delivery: Face-to-face

A fully interactive training, workshop for your staff or business associates, plus help with your company employment policies too.
Menopause support needs to be held in the same regard as sickness, pregnancy or bereavement; but all too often it isn’t.
Performance can be affected by menopause but there are solutions. The workshop will take you through the process.
When you understand menopause and its effect on you and your staff, it will contribute to increased productivity, better morale and retention.
We work with HR teams to review current working practices and how to incorporate the new knowledge in an efficient manner.
Are you an SME with no Menopause Policy at all? We can help you create a comprehensive set of policies.

Whether you are an in-house HR department or rely on outsourced services, we can help.
As working practices change (post Covid-19) we will be relying, more than ever, on workplace support.

Workplace training

An in-depth workshop, which includes an introduction to menopause and its effects.

  • Challenges and consequences of symptoms
  • Grievances and disciplinary procedures
  • Working relationships
  • How to manage absenteeism processes and review Return to Work policies

Collaborative Workshops

We have now put Collaborative Workshops online. Since the Covid-19 Lockdown in the UK, we have found this to be a more comprehensive and valuable interactive workshop for all concerned.

These workshops are for:

  • HR companies
  • Business centres
  • Networking groups
  • Business events forums

We can host or you host it within your own group setting, if that works for you. During these workshops you will get a brief overview of what’s needed to support menopause in the workplace.


We are able to advise on your workplace policy to ensure it is comprehensive and supportive for both the employer and the employees.

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6. Men

Who it’s for: Men
Delivery: Telephone, E-learning, Book

Menopause affects the men too and we are here to support them to better understand and support them.

Menopause isn’t just for women and the clue’s in the name – men are right there in it too! The men we speak to say the same things – they don’t know what’s going on, find it unpredictable, feel pushed away, not sure how to help or what to do, don’t recognise their partner any more, want them back and feel like they’re on the outside looking in.

The trouble is, many women are in menopause but don’t even know it – so how would the men know?

It would be great if women and men knew the early signs, were prepared for them and knew how to cope when it all gets quite intense.

This is what we’re working towards and our telephone consultations, workshops, online course and book are all great tools for men to use to start their research so they know what menopause is all about, how to cope and help and what to expect.

Telephone consultancy

A telephone conversation to discuss how menopause is impacting you:

  • Homelife/relationships
  • Work life
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Understand menopause more
  • Identify what you can do cope
  • How to offer support
  • We’ll create a plan of action together


Our flagship online course, for men: ‘Menopause is Like a Hurricane’ will give you so much information to learn about menopause and also allow you to offer the women around you some informed support and solutions…very carefully!

An excellent resource to help you understand menopause, for your relationships or workplace role.

It covers mental health, physical symptoms and health, relationships, how to offer support and also some useful ‘coping mechanisms’ too.

The Book

How to Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind is a brilliant read to help you to understand menopause, for your own relationships or workplace role. Chapter 10 is ‘The Men’s Room’ – all about how menopause affects the men.

  • What’s menopause?
  • Why it happens
  • Why it’s different for everyone
  • Symptoms
  • How it affects mental, physical and sexual health
  • How to offer support
  • How to get things back on track
  • Learn how to offer more / better support
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7. Workplace research

We undertake research to find out what the menopause landscape looks like – so that we know which direction to take our services and support in.

Here at SimplyHormones, we are keen to know more about views, perceptions and realities of menopause, so that we have the evidence behind us to facilitate change.

For example, past research revealed that that 72% of women feel unsupported at work and 50% are too embarrassed to even talk about it to their boss.

This led us to really focus on workplace training to make sure more women have what they need at work, from colleagues and managers confident in supporting them.

Our current research is looking at what help and support is available in the workplace, what understanding there is and what training and learning can be delivered to make improvements.

You can take the survey here
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8. Professional Speaking

If your event calls for an expert on menopause, Kathryn must be on your list to ask!

Kathryn is a menopause expert, with a vast knowledge to share at your event, conference or broadcast.

She is able to tailor her content for you, drawing on both her personal experience and knowledge, garnered from her work with thousands of women.

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