Nice Guidelines On Menopause Issued!

Hooray! I think this is the first time where medical information has been published that the public can actually understand, and more than that, benefit from it! I’m talking about the NICE Guidelines on menopause [...]

The Menopause Godzilla!

Here is a very engaging story of how a partner described the love of his life as Godzilla Gone Crazy' and how she didn’t recognise this herself. This is so common at menopause. Without realising [...]

1 In 10 Women Can't Handle The Workplace – Menopause At Work

Sometimes, the menopause at work is not a good mix! I quit my own executive position and didn’t know why. I was acutely aware that I was a ‘waste of space’. Two-thirds of women in [...]

10 Ways Depression Is Different For Women Than Men

Being diagnosed with depression is pretty scary. Being referred to a psychiatrist is even scarier. You might say “I didn’t see this coming”. As a woman, you may also recognise, looking back, that there have [...]

Are You Too Embarrassed To Go To The Doctor?

Are You Too Embarrassed To Go To The Doctor? Hormones, reproductive organs, puberty, childbirth, menopause and increasingly cancers. Women in the UK are not doing themselves any favours. The good news is, generally speaking, women [...]

UK Police Embrace Menopause In The Workplace.

In celebrating 100 years of women in policing, a new era of history has begun; embracing the challenge of menopause in the workplace. In a male dominated industry, that’s a tough ask but my audience [...]

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