Tell me, what would you rather do? Show off your wobbly bits down the gym or learn how to sing properly and restore your confidence at the same time? As someone who chose the latter, I can tell you all about it.

The comparison may seem incongruous but you may be surprised to learn how similar they are. Both require physical effort and release endorphins into the body. Singing requires you to use oxygen and makes good use of the lungs and heart, which supply the oxygen needed to continue to sing. Many singers, both professionals and amateurs, have a very strong lung capacity and well developed cardio-respiratory systems.

It is a little known fact that many women experience a loss of confidence and self-esteem from about their mid-forties onwards… it’s a gradual thing which is why you don’t always notice it at first. Coupled with other symptoms of menopause, this could lead to everything from stress to anxiety, and even depression. Please note: I am talking about hormonal depression, not the mental health kind, of which symptoms are often misdiagnosed.

If you feel the world around you is dragging you down (husband/partner, kids, house, job) then get out there and find yourself a singing teacher and I’ll tell you why.
Singing exercises the whole face, throat, lungs and stomach as well as an area we really need to keep strong and healthy, the pelvic floor. When you breathe correctly while singing, you automatically lift your pelvic floor muscles, which makes for a great workout.

Best of all is the buzz: you should soon start to feel elated and I would recommend weekly lessons for the first six weeks to enjoy the full benefits. For me, this experience lasted far beyond the actual lesson – I couldn’t stop singing at the top of my voice, but this may best be reserved for the car. Even my toes were tingling!

Singing has huge medical benefits, take a look on Google if you don’t believe me. Many people who have difficulty vocalising their problems find great comfort in giving their vocal chords a good airing.

So get out there and sing. Don’t be frightened of your own voice. It’s magic! Can’t sing a note? Don’t worry, miracles can happen.

To begin, find a teacher you feel comfortable with who understands your issues. Recommendation is always best and it’s important you find a teacher who will let you sing the songs you want. No good if they only want you to sing arias when opera isn’t your thing. Most teachers are usually pretty relaxed about letting you discover your own voice. Why not join a choir if one-on-one isn’t for you?

Singing for me has been life affirming and I was amazed at how my whole mood changed when I lifted my voice in song. This new found confidence also filtered into other aspects of my life and I now can’t imagine how I could live without it.

Music is immensely healing and singing allows us to connect with our essence. I felt lost a few years ago and found myself through singing. I hope it works for you too.