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Deb Gilbey

Kathryn Colas is a hugely respected voice for women going through the menopause.
The founder and chief executive of the women’s advice and support service Simply Hormones, she has become a sought-after media commentator and public speaker, recognised for her work with NGOs, public and private sector organisations in improving understanding of menopausal symptoms. Her aim is to empower women with better information and influence policy and practices to improve their daily lives.
Kathryn became the first and only lay person to be appointed to the medical advisory committee of the British Menopause Society – a post she has held since 2013. She is also a member of the  executive committee for Wishes – Action and Support for Invisible Illness.

Diane Danzebrink is passionate about menopause care and empowering women to take control of their health and wellbeing. As a result of her own menopause experience which had a profound effect on her quality of life for a period of time she created a support service for women and those who love and care for them to access advice, guidance, evidence based information and emotional support. Diane has completed the menopause foundations course for nurses and is the media lay spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and a member of the women’s voices involvement panel. She is also a member of and ambassador for the British Menopause Society. Diane is a passionate campaigner and advocate for improved care and support for women experiencing menopause both in and out of the workplace and will be a consultant on the upcoming Royal College of General Practitioners curriculum review. Diane is a coach, counsellor and trauma therapist and teaches well woman yoga and yoga nidra. Along with bespoke one to one sessions she runs group workshops and retreats for women and educational workshops for therapists and organisations.   I am delighted to have been invited to offer menopause support to Kathryn’s clients at Simply Hormones.  We share the belief that education, information, advice and support is the way forward to empower women to take control of this stage of their lives.


Deb Gilby has over 30 years facilitating learning and development experience initially in the IT sector before embracing interpersonal and communication skills, helping delegates understand how communication works and how they can improve results. She does this utilising her many other skills, including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Accelerated Learning( Kaizen method), Train the Trainer, evaluation, coaching, change management and so much more.

Deb Gilby has joined SimplyHormones as a passionate advocate of change and understanding through her delivery of menopause awareness programmes as Associate Menopause Ambassador.

Alison Douglas is a freelance training and development consultant and coach developing and implementing learning solutions at all levels of management. She has significant experience in developing individuals and teams working in diverse, challenging and safety critical environments. Her passion for personal development and lifelong learning led her into the well-being sector and she is excited to be working with Kathryn Colas as an Associate Menopause Ambassador delivering specific training programmes.

Alison says: ‘This is an important message. The menopause imprisons so many women, stealing their confidence, undermining their self-esteem and challenging their sanity. Education is the only way out of the darkness. Only by sharing our own experiences and showing women, and men, that there is a very vibrant life beyond the menopause will the services provided to and the attitudes towards women, at this sensitive stage in their lives, improve.’

Alison Douglas
Eilidh Macdonald-Hart

Eilidh Macdonald-Harte, PgDip, MNLP, MAC

Is passionate about supporting people to overcome obstacles and challenges; to be empowered, motivated and happier. A Master Coach and Certified Trainer of NLP, Coaching & Developmental Coaching, Eilidh is a member of the Association for Coaching, the British Psychological Society Special Coaching Group and a trainer member of the ANLP (Association for NLP) Eilidh is dedicated to the highest standards and professionalism. Eilidh holds a Post Graduate in Applied Coaching with Derby University and she has been providing Management Consultancy, Mentoring, Coaching, Training and Facilitation since 2006 in the public, third and private sectors.

Eilidh is delighted to be working with Kathryn Colas as an Associate Menopause Ambassador delivering specific training programmes.

Elaine Gleeson is an experienced TAP certified Soft Skills Trainer and Development Coach

Her career has spanned both private and public sectors having worked with clients throughout the UK and Europe on a wide range of topics including performance improvement, creative leadership, motivation, career coaching, conflict resolution, customer experience as well as stress  management .

She is loves helping clients discover new possibilities through solutions and committing to actions that will help them achieve their goals. Her other interests include health, wellbeing and psychology.

Elaine is excited to be working with Kathryn Colas as an Associate Menopause Ambassador creating a positive experience for menopausal women in the workplace.

Elaine Gleeson
Helen Stockill

Helen Stockhill is a passionate training consultant who has earned a valuable reputation with her clients for successfully driving results based development programmes with a proven 20 year track record, Helen’s expertise lies in working closely with clients to identify the right development solution.

Working across a number of industries, including financial services, government agencies, motor industry and retail sales, her coaching and training techniques have enhanced the capabilities of board members, senior leaders, managers, teams and individuals alike.

Helen is a qualified NLP master practitioner and coach and she is excited to be working with Kathryn Colas as an Associate Menopause Ambassador delivering specific training programmes to key personnel.

Jill Mytton Chartered MCIPD, MBA, Executive Coach

Jill has experienced first-hand the challenges of going through the menopause whilst trying to hold a senior level appointment. She is delighted to join the Simply Hormones to help educate and support organisations on how to improve their HR processes, procedures and practice in relation to women going through the menopause. Like the stigma of mental health illness, the symptoms of the menopause have been a subject of myth and inconsistencies until now. As a Chartered Member of CIPD, an advocate of diversity and inclusion she has worked successfully with many organisations improving employee engagement, addressing absenteeism and performance.  Jill is delighted to be working with Simply Hormones as a Menopause Ambassador and delivering programmes to  enable women to transition through menopause with ease.

Jill Mytton
Marie Hunter

Marie Hunter has over 20 years experience of designing and delivering training, on a variety of leadership, management and HR topics. She is an Approved Training Provider for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and a qualified Career Counsellor.

Marie has worked within and alongside HR teams, and has participated in many initiatives that have delivered positive outcomes in private and public organisations.

“It is an honour to have joined Simply Hormones as an Associate Menopause Ambassador, to share, inform and empower women to take control of their hormones to enable them to continue to contribute fully to organisational, personal and career goals”

Melanie J Icke is an experienced Training and Development Consultant with an absolute passion for helping people learn about themselves and grow. Working extensively across the retail, leisure and well-being markets.

As a leadership and communication trainer, Melanie uses the DISC suite of diagnostic tools for her work to help people understand how to communicate differently to achieve better results.

Melanie is excited to be working with Kathryn and her team on the menopause training initiative and it’s hard to understand why something half the population faces is such a secret.

Melanie Icke
Sally Fagan

Sally Fagan is a linguist and has over 20 years’ experience as a trainer, specialising in a range of soft skills encompassing all aspects of communication, leadership and selling. She has also trained as a coach and in personality profiling. Her experience has taken her all over the world, from training tribal chiefs on a remote Pacific island to sophisticated pharmaceutical managers within Europe. She believes one of her greatest attributes is the ability to get on with people from all walks of life.

Sally is delighted to have joined the Simply Hormones team because of the opportunity it offers for a new focus for her skills. Having gone through the menopause, she feels she is ideally placed to raise awareness of this important topic in the workplace.

Sandra Cashell BSc (Hons) MIH Assoc.CIPD is a talented and highly skilled learning and development professional based in West Norfolk. After gaining her degree she initially spent nine years in the hospitality profession, holding a variety of management positions before progressing in to pure learning and development roles.

Sandra has spent the last 19 years working as a learning and development consultant, specialising in professional train the trainer programmes, ranging from nationally accredited courses, to fully bespoke solutions backed by personal coaching and development. She also delivers the full range of management development and soft skills training programmes to a variety of clients across multiple industry sectors.

Sandra is delighted to have joined Simply Hormones as Menopause Ambassador and to deliver programmes supporting women in their transition through menopause.

Sandra Cashell
Sheila Traskowskie

Sheila Traskowskie specialises in training everyone from aspiring and newly appointed leaders to existing leaders; this may be a 1-1 coaching mentoring approach or group training. She is a highly skilled trainer specialising in all aspects of leadership and management development with a strong background in all learning and development in both publish and private sectors, she is an accredited ILM Trainer and Action Learning Facilitator with experience in designing bespoke programmes including Managing Change.

Sheila is SUMO licenced and an NLP Practitioner with Train the Trainer and Talent Development.

Sheila is delighted to have joined SimplyHormones as an Associate Menopause Ambassador to deliver and support training to key personnel to extend the range of wellbeing services offered in the workplace

Victoria O’Farrell’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious inspiring those around her. She is a personal coach focusing on career potential, together with confidence coaching. As a trainer, she is skilled at delivering and creating programmes on leadership, network skills and Facilities Management including Emotional Intelligence which she uses to help people understand everyone’s value.

“I don’t believe one solution fits all. Everyone has a unique DNA and my approach is to discover that uniqueness.”

Victoria joins SimplyHormones as Associate Menopause Ambassador to share her own menopause experiences while delivering training to key personnel to support others.

Vicky O