Take a look at our podcasts – there’s something for everyone. You’ll find interviews with medical professionals discussing their views on various aspects of menopause from mental health issues to sexual health to breast cancer, plus some heart-rending personal stories from individual women.

Personal Stories

Personal story from Anne Scott – Early menopause

Personal Story from Maria – My menopause

Personal Story from Wendy Calver – My menopause

Personal story from Kathryn Colas – Weight gain

Personal stories from a menopause group chat

Personal Story from Kathryn Colas – The Pause Sisters

Personal story from Marian Child – Early menopause

Personal stories from Tanith and Lorraine – Early and surgical menopause

Personal story from a networking group – Understanding menopause

Personal story from Kathryn Colas – Getting your life back

Personal story from Kathryn Colas – Beyond 40 – what next?


Sex, meaning and the menopause

Love, listen and talk

Menopause symptoms and relationship breakdown

Mid-life divorce

Personal relationships and menopause

What the Experts Say

Dr Heather Currie – Kathryn Colas’s own story

Wendy Calver – Medical thermography

Susan Gala – The importance of pelvic floor

Professor John Studd – Bio-identical hormones

Dr Faith Contell – Mental health and depression

Professor Gordon Wishart – Early detection of breast cancer

Professor John Studd – Osteoporosis and prevention

Patrick Holford – Food is better than drugs

Shirley Ward – Understanding nutrition

Dr Alison Grimston – Vaginal health

Professor John Studd – The importance of testerone

Professor John Studd – Depression at menopause

Dr Nyjon Eccles – Breast health and thermal imaging

Professor John Studd – Osteoporosis and oestrogen

Celia Johnson – Fitness through menopause

Menopause at Work

The challenges of menopause in the workplace

Working women and the menopause

The value of your employees

Who cares for the carers?

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