At last, a handy guide to help you understand how your menopause symptoms affect your everyday life; how to get through it and stay sane!

…stay sane? I can’t believe it!

This is an opportunity to chart your own symptoms, review them and have an informed conversation with your chosen medical professional. PLUS, we will send you The Menopause Survival Kit. Absolutely FREE! All you have to do is purchase My Menopause Symptom Diary. What’s in the Survival Kit Too many things to list here but it does include our own list of recommended medical professionals plus products (with qualifying research showing they can be effective in the treatment of menopause symptoms). We take the ‘guess work’ out of your choices. Free samples, too! Both the Menopause Diary and the Survival Kit, containing probably the best and most sensible information around, are in downloadable e-book format straight to your smart phone or desk-top for easy access and storage. Buy it now… My Menopause Symptoms Diary – and get the Menopause Survival Kit Absolutely Free! – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

I’m Kathryn Colas and I created SimplyHormones and Mentoring through Menopause to bring you ‘bite-size’ solutions to all your menopause problems. Like you, I experienced all the confusion out there.  I have personally experienced the symptoms, the distress, the depression, the whole kit and caboodle for ten years. Yes, 10 years and I don’t want YOU to go through that. I don’t want you saying “Is this as good as it gets“? 

Menopause may be a Natural Process but that doesn’t mean SEVEN OUT OF TEN WOMEN have to suffer in silence! There’s a whole wonderful life out there waiting to be re-discovered.

  • Feeling miserable? End that now!
  • I hardly need to explain why I was desperate for answers
  • I’m probably a lot like you

My Menopause Diary

The Menopause Symptom Diary is packed full of hints and tips to help guide you through your everyday life and deal with menopause.

This fabulous downloadable Symptom Diary can be yours at the discounted price of  only £6.99!  What are you waiting for – get cracking right now… understand what’s going on, get your life back and feel like a real woman again!!!!

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