menopause symptoms

Not getting on too well with this contraption… Let’s re-read the instructions… Ah ha, that’s where I’ve been going wrong, I should be using it all the time. OMG! Here goes…

Reading the instructions, we’re told:

  • In trials 60% preferred Incostress to using pads (I’d agree with that – once you get used to this dongle, at least you know you will have no more fear of peeing your pants.)
  • After using for one week – 55% reported leaking less (after only one week!)
  • In the age group trialled (age range 36 – 73) they were assessed after one week and again after one month: 14 women elected not to have surgery (presumably they were on a surgical list already)

Back to my trials! The things I do in the name of science……..

When I first embarked on trialling this product – easy peasy, I thought. Oh, boy was I in for a surprise. I nearly gave up because the dongle kept falling out. It was so uncomfortable – and then… OMG it slipped out altogether while doing a pee and disappeared round the bend. Quick! Where are the Marigolds?? Phew! Found it and re-inserted it (yes, I cleaned it first J)



But, needs must, as they sayWill my pelvic floor ever recover? I can’t wear it every day, it feels like a badly inserted Tampax. If it keeps slipping out like this, especially if I’m in the middle of a busy office and I have to waddle off like a duck to the toilet to adjust my nether regions – people will start talking!

Give me a chance to wear it full time, or, rather, build up to full time and wear it a while and I’ll get back to you with my own conclusions. I’ll tell you what, I can’t keep going on leaking. I’ll be back……..