Managing menopause in the workplace isn’t just down to the woman going through it – it needs a collective approach.

We don’t tell our pregnant, sick or bereaved colleagues to just work it all out and get on with it during their working time, so why would we do that with our menopause colleagues?

Currently, there is very little support available within the workplace for menopausal women.

SimplyHormones provides a full range of options and this can begin right now.
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Menopause Ambassadors

These are the members of our team that will deliver your training, either in person, virtually, on your platform or ours.

We deliver learning and training strategies for key personnel, including the women themselves.

Once your organisation releases any information to managers and staff of your intention to acknowledge menopause and you begin to make information more widely available to everyone, you will notice an unintentional and beneficial response – it will create a buzz of excitement which will steadily grow in volume.


From day one, you will notice a difference in staff engagement. Moving on from that, once staff are physically engaged with our learning programmes, either individually or in groups, we guarantee that the feedback will show a score of 8-10 out of 10 for engagement, learning and usability.

And it doesn’t stop there, we follow up with 1:1 coaching calls to ensure successful learning, embedding the new knowledge effortlessly into all working practices.


Women’s confidence may be affected when support is not available due to lack of knowledge about menopause, causing a number of potential issues:

  • Performance issues could develop, if not addressed
  • Absenteeism may increase (whether she’s working from home or in the office) for reasons of increased anxiety
  • She may resign (or take voluntary redundancy) without proper consultation with anyone. In other words, no one will know the real reason she is leaving (she will not address the situation in her final leaving interview, either). You will never know the reason why and this could escalate into a ‘staff retention’ problem


Like all health and wellbeing issues, menopause is a subject that must be acknowledged from the top down. We can help you create a video or voice message from the most senior person or most relevant person in your organisations, that Employee Health and Wellbeing will now include menopause support, learning and training.

Learning about what menopause is, the effects on the workplace, how managers can deal with any challenges without embarrassment, will strengthen your bottom line.


Menopause in the Workplace is our speciality and our Menopause Ambassadors have many success stories to share with you.

Once you’ve taken a look at our workplace services, you can pick up the phone, or email us to discuss what you might need.

The next step is for us to have a conversation with you and later your elected team, to discuss the what, where and when for engagement with menopause in the workplace to enable you to be a menopause-ready, menopause-friendly and menopause supportive employer.

Coaching & Mentoring: One-to-one telephone or face-to-face conversations with you.

Workplace training: We create the processes for staff training, health champions, line manager training, individual support and policy, too.

HR and Occupational Health support: We work collaboratively with HR staff to improve menopause support and policy in the workplace

Women: How to Survive Menopause Without Losing Your Mind: A 6-module online course with a private, secure, login. This course is packed with self-help information, covering everything a woman needs to know about menopause. The course can be followed up with personal 1:1 mentoring calls.

Men: Men are affected by menopause as well, as partners, colleagues and line managers and we can help to create understanding on how best they can approach it.

Every company we work with has different needs and requirements – contact us to discuss yours.

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Women are working later in life – and if menopause causes them to leave, the workplace loses a vast amount of experience. We will help you to stay at work during your menopause and support your employer to give you the help and understanding to keep you productive and happy.