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I have to tell you, people love what we do. It is not surprising that menopause is not talked about or acknowledged. It’s the Elephant in the Room. So many myths and misunderstandings; the genesis of SimplyHormones evolved through lack of information and pretty much a total breakdown in health and personal relationship for our Founder and CEO, Kathryn Colas.

From humble beginnings of ‘telling her story’ to anyone who would listen, SimplyHormones has developed into a fully fledged business and training company supporting individual women and whole businesses to better understand the trials and tribulations of menopause both on a personal level and in the workplace. We are the experts! Geography is not an issue as our Menopause Ambassadors are based around the UK  – meet the team

SimplyHormones are market leaders in the delivery of support and training programmes; our portfolio ranges from individual one to one Consultations to full day Workshops and Masterclasses. Here is a basic outline of what we do:

  1. Taster sessions: Making Sense of Menopause. An Introduction to Menopause and its effects in the workplace with practical Solutions and there are no limits to the number of people attending these sessions. The audience can be mixed gender or single gender, your choice.  GROUP PLAN £600.00 plus VAT.  Includes support material. No limit to number of people attending.
  2. NEW!  Our Online Menopause – A Guide for the Workplace: Bite-sized chunks in video format for easy watching at your own pace.  £69.95 plus VAT with discounts for Volume.
  3. Women Only – ½ day workshop and Full Day workshops – Understanding Symptoms and finding Solutions on how to cope at work and the wider implications. Relationships with family and colleagues. You will leave the room with a Plan! Group Price from £750.00 plus VAT.  Includes support material.
  4. Women Only Full day workshop – As per the 1/2 day with the addition of nutritional advice from one of our on – call Experts. Learn how to balance your hormones through better understanding of the food you eat. Delegates will design their own personal Menopause Action Plan.  Your investment for a better Quality of Life for your staff is priced from £1700+VAT for the Group Workshop.
  5. Line Managers 1-day workshop – A more in-depth version of our e-course, details below: an introduction to menopause and its effects; challenges and consequences of symptoms: grievances, disciplinary procedures, working relationships, how to manage absenteeism processes and those returning to work. This knowledge will contribute to increased productivity. Take Away: Performance Managed Solutions.  Group Price from £1500+VAT.
    Includes support material.
  6. HR and Occupational Health 1-day workshop – A more detailed and practical view of our e-course: The Big Picture, Effects of Menopause on your organisation and your role; challenges/consequences of symptoms: grievances, disciplinary procedures, working relationships, absenteeism and returning to work processes – Take away: Solutions!  Group Price from £1500+VAT.  Includes support material.
  7. E-Learning: Our famous Perfect Storm! Created for Key Personnel in the workplace, this e-course is a comprehensive look at menopause. Say Goodbye to embarrassing conversations with your female staff. The course covers the effects of menopause in the workplace and how to develop a Win:Win situation with staff. £175.00 plus VAT with discounts for Volume. Details set out here
  8. One-to-one Consultations, usually by telephone. A facility offered to both women and men: an opportunity to ’empty your bag’ as they say. Discuss in confidence your innermost thoughts, challenges and create your own Menopause Action Plan.  From £95+VAT per person per 30 – min session – Small Group sessions can also be arranged. Includes pre and post session emails with recommendations, support material and questionnaire/survey

Last but not least, we can assist with creating your organisational Menopause Policy or Company Guidelines in two formats,  Line Managers and one for general staff.  From £575.00 plus VAT.

CPD Accreditation is offered to participants on our courses whether live workshops or e-learning. All learning is supported by a full package of information and products to assist learning.

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