Menopause Diary: A personal insight into one woman’s experience

Kathryn was in peri-menopause and suffering migraines at frequent intervals… she also had depression but didn't know it at the time. Here, she shares an extract from a diary kept through the darkest days. [...]

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Aromatherapy: Essences are essential for coping with the menopause

The menopause is just one more time in a woman’s life when hormones can make things difficult. We experience hormonal fluctuations at various points in our journey. During puberty, they can cause unfamiliar urges, skin [...]

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Use it or lose it! The importance of pelvic floor exercises to support a strong bladder!

You may recall, if you’ve given birth naturally, the nurses giving you an exercise sheet for pelvic floor exercises. Like me, you probably didn’t bother to do any of them. You will come to regret [...]

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