Guest Blog by Suzy Miller the Divorce Strategist™️ – Divorce and the crazy menopause woman

Have you ever noticed how menopausal women can be a little ‘crazy’?  Suddenly they stop putting up with other people’s shit - especially unacceptable behaviour from their spouse. They start not putting the (usually grown-up [...]

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How to survive Christmas AND menopause…without losing your mind!

As if there isn't enough to do, we have to now navigate Christmas with menopause! If you’re in a relationship, your partner will be probably be affected more than anyone else by menopause. I had [...]

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Singing to help you

Work it out with Song!   Did you know that many women experience a loss of confidence and self-esteem from about their mid-forties? It’s a gradual thing – you probably won’t even realise to start [...]

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Menopause Diary: A personal insight into one woman’s experience

Kathryn was in peri-menopause and suffering migraines at frequent intervals… she also had depression but didn't know it at the time. Here, she shares an extract from a diary kept through the darkest days. [...]

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