Productivity is down – Absenteeism is up! Women’s health and hormones affect absenteeism and productivity levels. It’s a growing phenomenon but not one to be feared just understood. You’ve heard of Damage Limitation? Harsh words but if it gets your attention then we’ve succeeded in highlighting the suffering that women in the workplace experience and they are doing it in silence.

Women are your best and most valuable asset! Don’t lose them! You’ve spent £££’s training/promoting and it would make economic sense to hold on to them because they are executives, role models and mentors.

In 2015, the Government’s official Business Champion for older workers Ros Altmann observed in her report ‘A New Vision for Older Workers’ that “currently, there is no training for line managers to deal with this issue [of the menopause]”. Founder and CEO or SimplyHormones, Kathryn Colas responded by developing the first and so far only work-based programme for key personnel, delivered by qualified professionals.

Menopause is full of misunderstandings and myths, causing women to feel isolated and employers to wonder what’s going on. Due to historic workplace culture that this has been difficult to change but adjustments are being made and those employers who take this on are benefiting hugely from improving the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Our current clients include:

UK Police service in the following areas, Manchester, West Midlands, Nottingham, Essex, Dyfed, North Wales, among others and

UK Fire service in Sussex, Staffordshire, Nottingham

SAS (Schools Advisory Service) servicing thousands of schools throughout the UK with their health programmes

Local Councils around the UK

Variety of Law firms around the UK

Happy Staff Are Productive Staff

Call us now to talk about our Taster Sessions, a generic look at menopause and open to large audiences of mixed or single gender. T: 01825 582010 or fill in the form

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