I am invited onto a variety of radio programmes to be interviewed about the many and varied aspects of menopause. Do keep coming back to this page as new interviews are being added all the time.

#1  It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to talk on BBCRadio4 Woman’s Hour about Menopause in the Workplace and discrimination against older women. Listen here:


#2  The problem with Gaining Weight! The problem for women is that they don’t want to know it’s happening because as hard as they try they just can’t shift those extra pounds. Get the latest information on this very emotional subject.

And here are the notes I prepared for this radio show: The problem with gaining weight and what to do about it

#3  Age is just a number Tony Williams of Uckfieldfm and I discuss the merits of being over 40, hormones and other events.


#4  Let’s get the Men back into Menopause!  In this radio show on Uckfieldfm Kathryn Colas and Tony Williams discuss what it’s like from the mens’ point of view when the woman in their life is going through menopause – batten down the hatches!


#5 What is Menopause Anyway? A lighthearted look at this subject, the stigma attached to it, family relationships, it’s all in there.


#6  Kathryn Colas talks about menopause and what’s really bothering women and men and how she set up her Menopause Boot Camp


#7 Is Menopause a catalyst for marital discord In this radio show on Uckfield FM Kathryn talks about her research on Divorce and how to avoid Divorce during menopause.

#8 How do Men cope with women and menopause

And here are the notes Tips for Men and Menopause

#9 Menopause in the Workplace – Working through menopause
In this radio interview, Kathryn speaks passionately about what it’s like working through menopause and how, with a little information, women can confound the critics and find her true self as she understands menopause better.