A Different Depression – Why Gender is the Key

Men and women are different creatures – we know that.

As women, we like to think we are more in touch with our feelings than men. However, that doesn’t mean we are more likely to recognise or admit we are feeling ‘down’. And if we think our low mood is ‘just hormones’ then the chances are, we’ll keep our own counsel and carry on with the daily grind regardless.

Often, it is those around us who first notice there may be an issue – but most won’t be willing to use the word to your face. Depression is a cunning beast. It creeps up on you.

A diagnosis of depression can be a hard pill to swallow – particularly as a peri-menopausal woman.

As well as being downright scary, often, it is also incorrect. That’s because many doctors are not joining up the dots of hormone related incidents in women of a certain age. Your crazy moments and low moods aren’t a sign you are going mad. They are hormone related – and anti-depressants (however well-meaningly they were prescribed) are simply not the answer. Women are being let down time and time again by a general lack of experience in the field of hormonal health. It is scandalous!

At Simply Hormones, we’re working hard to help women make sense of the menopause, and increase their awareness, as well as employers and health professionals, that there is expert advice and support out there. We all have a responsibility to better understand the menopause and its symptoms.

This article is great at highlighting the gender differences that naturally occur around the subject of depression – sadly it doesn’t mention hormonal imbalance as a potential cause, which is disappointing.

So ladies, be aware! Hormones are notorious at causing a different kind of ‘depression’, which all too often, gets labelled as generic ‘mental ill-health’.

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/2Z87bgj