Depression in MenopauseBeing diagnosed with depression is pretty scary. Being referred to a psychiatrist is even scarier. You might say “I didn’t see this coming”. As a woman, you may also recognise, looking back, that there have been various moments in your life when you felt periods of melancholy, feeling low or miserable; moments that can often be related to monthly menstruation, or, following childbirth, for instance. In other words it’s hormone related.


Many doctors are not joining up the dots of hormone related incidents, so that when it comes to peri-menopause, or you are now 45 plus, generally speaking, and you start to experience crazy moments, where one day you could be on a high closely followed by moments of feeling really low. It is quite possible that you will be referred for mental health support, i.e. a psychiatrist! Women are being let down – this is a poor choice and shows complete lack of experience in the field of hormonal health in women and the unfortunate result is women are prescribed anti-depressants. To me, this is scandalous!


This article is brilliant at highlighting the gender differences that naturally occur around the subject of depression but unfortunately there is no mention of hormonal imbalance as a potential cause – this is also sad. So, ladies, Be Aware! Hormones are notorious at causing another kind of depression that just gets lumped in to ‘mental health’.


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