“I knew nothing about menopause, not even that I was going through it and that’s why SimplyHormones exists – to give you the information you need to be informed, so you know what to expect, know how to handle it and don’t feel in the dark.

At work, at home, for the men in our lives too – we’ve brought it all together to help make ‘the change’ OK!”

Kathryn Colas – Founder, SimplyHormones

  • 70% of women aged 45 to 55 (12 million women) experience debilitating symptoms around the ‘change of life’
  • Many women do not realise that menopause is the cause of their poor health
  • Our research revealed that 72% of women feel unsupported at work and 50% are too embarrassed to even talk about it to their boss

Check out the solutions…


Supporting a staff member or managing your own menopause at work is made much simpler with our training. This will help everyone to understand, empathise and work together.


Take courage, take action, take control. There’s plenty to read and learn on our website so delve straight in.


Innocent bystander or caught in the line of fire? Read on to understand what’s happening during menopause and find out how you can offer help and support.

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