Menopause: A Guide for the Workplace


How does it feel to be a working woman in this fast moving world and experiencing menopause? It’s a nightmare!  This ‘How to’ Guide raises awareness and supports managers and staff right from the start.  Remove the myth and misunderstanding. It’s a transitional phase in a woman’s life and she doesn’t want to be at the mercy of it any more than you do! A little knowledge will present great opportunities, reducing absenteeism and improving productivity.  Scroll down for full details.


Menopause: A Guide for the Workplace

  1. An Introduction to SimplyHormones and the author, Kathryn Colas
  2. What is Menopause and How long does it last?
  3. Top Tips! Health awareness strategies
  4. The Doctors role at Menopause
  5. What Happens at Work?
  6. Six Simple Steps to create awareness and begin providing support
  7. Organisational Action Plan – How to implement a strategy
  8. FAQ’s and the NOT so FAQ’s!

This course, in video format, will give you a brief outline of Menopause, answer questions, give ideas for implementing strategy.

By the end of this course you will have answers to allow you to implement a strategy TODAY!

It is essential that your organisation acknowledges the existence of menopause and that you can show you know how to deal with it. If not, then trouble lies ahead! Menopause can cause some serious personal issues that spill over into the workplace. Women themselves are not understanding it well and neither are their managers. Together all issues can be reduced to acknowledging menopause exists and that your organisation knows how to deal with it.

Who is this Course for?

Anyone! This course is a generic view, doesn’t go into biological details but will show you the trials and tribulations encountered by women and also what happens in the workplace where ignorance exists.

Managers will understand their teams better

The benefit of hindsight can be a wonderful thing. Where menopause is concerned, hindsight is too late! Women have already resigned for ‘work/life balance’. All the wrong reasons, in fact. Plus managers may be considering disciplinary procedures because of increased absenteeism and a fall in productivity. Why is it happening? Have you considered the prospect that hormones could be the cause and your member of staff is going through Menopause?

Executives will have a thorough grounding of cause and effect giving insight into strategy that can be adopted

Women will have that ‘ah, yes!’ moment. Clarity of what’s going on – have a laugh with the Seven Dwarves of Menopause.

Economical Benefits of taking action to support female staff is presented in a new report from Government:

A well presented piece of research showing everything that is contained in these videos with the added benefit of the economic business case to take action and do something about it to make a positive impression on your bottom line!

What’s Next?

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