Sex And The Menopause – Can You Really Live Happily Without Sex?

Julia George And Kathryn Colas Sex And The Menopause - Can You Really Live Happily Without Sex This question was the discussion I had with Julia George at BBC Radio Kent. If this [...]

Love, Sex And The Menopause

It’s bad enough women have to suffer the ignominy of menopause, mostly in silence, but when that affects the love in your life, sex and your quality of life, this can cast a very dark [...]

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Depression and Loss Of Libido – The Hidden Links

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]The article and the advice here is thanks to the rather wonderful Professor John Studd. Professor Studd is an expert in this field and I am proud he has agreed to let me publish [...]

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Forget Sex, I'm Leaking! Part 3

menopause symptoms Not getting on too well with this contraption… Let’s re-read the instructions… Ah ha, that’s where I’ve been going wrong, I should be using it all the time. OMG! Here goes… [...]

Vaginal Dryness – Is It Really The End Of Your Love Life?

Vaginal Dryness or Atrophy is usually associated with painful intercourse and not surprisingly waning libido or sexual desire. Not brilliant. Ignore it at your peril! Vaginal Atrophy, its clinical name, will cause you unnecessary distress. [...]