The Menopause Godzilla!

Here is a very engaging story of how a partner described the love of his life as Godzilla Gone Crazy' and how she didn’t recognise this herself. This is so common at menopause. Without realising [...]

Meditation For Menopause – How To Calm Down And Get Happier

Don’t Worry – Be Happy! Changing your life for the better Happiness can be hard to achieve, especially when we feel so stressed, but by learning the trick that takes you to a state of [...]

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Tell The Menopause To Ffff Off! Well It's Different.

Really get menopause out of your system the Sarah Jane Adams way. She describes how menopause is used as an insult so she has her own special ways to “deal with it” “F*** O**! Sara [...]

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What's Out There For Women When They Divorce?

The national, even global, stats on divorce when women are going through menopause, are practically non-existent but I came across some life jolting stories while researching. This is what one woman said about her potential [...]


Are you carrying around a load of Menopausal Baggage and if so, are you aware of the effect it can have on your daily lives? We all suffer from perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms and, nothing [...]

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