MENOPAUSE IN THE WORKPLACE – How do you deal with it?

Let me take you to a common scenario... You woke up this morning,  as you do on many mornings,  feeling like you have a hangover – I can think of a number of epithets to [...]

What Is Menopause And When Does It Happen?

  Menopause is one of those words that's just around.  It's in the vocabulary, but as we get older, see changes in others or maybe tackle some tricky issues in the workplace, menopause enters our [...]


Are you carrying around a load of Menopausal Baggage and if so, are you aware of the effect it can have on your daily lives? We all suffer from perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms and, nothing [...]

The Menopause Made Me A Monster

I do hope your menopause symptoms are not turning you into a Monster.  My menopausal symptoms did just that and my story appeared in the issue 187 of "Yours" Magazine.  I want to share my [...]

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