Menopause Is Like Hurricane!

“Menopause is like a hurricane – it’s dangerous and deadly!”   The dictated words of one man about life with his wife, as she was going through menopause.   When my husband began to relay [...]

A Personal Experience With Early Menopause

I interviewed Anne Scott who talks about early menopause and the end of her sex life.  Now, I do hope you will bear with this rather long article, in fact it's a transcript of our [...]

Forget Sex, I'm Leaking! Part 3

menopause symptoms Not getting on too well with this contraption… Let’s re-read the instructions… Ah ha, that’s where I’ve been going wrong, I should be using it all the time. OMG! Here goes… [...]

Vaginal Dryness – Is It Really The End Of Your Love Life?

Vaginal Dryness or Atrophy is usually associated with painful intercourse and not surprisingly waning libido or sexual desire. Not brilliant. Ignore it at your peril! Vaginal Atrophy, its clinical name, will cause you unnecessary distress. [...]

My Experience with HRT

If you needed an organ transplant, would you hesitate? If your insulin levels were malfunctioning and you were diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, would you ignore the recommended treatment? Remedies for most things these days [...]


 These co-joined symptoms always catch you out when you least expect them. What's it like? It's a feeling of intense heat emanating from your shoulders and proceeding up through your neck and face. You may [...]

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