Telling Your Doctor About Menopause

This really shouldn't be too much of a problem should it?  Going to the doctor about something that's troubling you?  But for many women it is.  There are a number of factors popping in here. [...]

Meditation For Menopause – How To Calm Down And Get Happier

Don’t Worry – Be Happy! Changing your life for the better Happiness can be hard to achieve, especially when we feel so stressed, but by learning the trick that takes you to a state of [...]

Sex And The Menopause – Can You Really Live Happily Without Sex?

Julia George And Kathryn Colas Sex And The Menopause - Can You Really Live Happily Without Sex This question was the discussion I had with Julia George at BBC Radio Kent. If this [...]

George's Wife Wants A Divorce! A Real Life Menopause Story…

Casebook: George’s Wife wants a Divorce! Lots of men write to me and telephone me and I’m often reduced to tears because their story is so tragic. Rejection and Divorce! Here’s the story of George [...]

Bipolar Disorder VS The Menopause…?

Are you BI-POLAR? Have You Got Depression? No, just Menopause! Your mind is screaming – “this isn’t me!” You experience fluctuating feelings of High Activity – “Woohoo! I have so much energy” to “I don’t [...]

Tell The Menopause To Ffff Off! Well It's Different.

Really get menopause out of your system the Sarah Jane Adams way. She describes how menopause is used as an insult so she has her own special ways to “deal with it” “F*** O**! Sara [...]

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